Bathroom Remodeling in Houston, TX


The bathroom is an essential part of your daily routine. Remodeling the bathroom of your dreams can enhance your home's value while at the same time create a true sanctuary you will enjoy for years to come. TKS understands the key to a bathroom remodel is to find the balance between style, functionality and budget. With our bathroom remodeling expertise and your vision we can create the sanctuary of your dreams.

The Process

The TKS staff will sit down with you at your home, document your vision for your bathroom, take measurements and provide you with a detailed estimate.

At this stage our design team can help you manifest your vision for your bathroom. We can select fixtures and finishes that fit your taste using our network of vendors and will pass on our contractors savings to you.

Proper planning needs to go into the construction of a bathroom. Water lines and drain line locations need to be determined upfront for the specific plumbing fixture. Free standing tubs often have a specific drain location and vessel sinks only work with certain faucets. You can leave all of this planning to the professionals.

Our excellent customer service does not stop at completion of the work. We own the project through our warranty period and will come back to make any touch up work or adjustments necessary.

The Components

With a wide variety of choices cabinets can become the single most expensive component of your bathroom. Prefabricated cabinets can easily be installed on a well pre planned bathroom, while offisite and site built can be custom made to the space and your needs.

Hard Finishes
Countertops and tile choices are important especially in a bathroom. A porcelain tile is perfect for a shower while natural stone will need to be sealed before it is used. Countertop materials can also be used to accent a shower seat or a shampoo box.

The right type of lighting will showcase the beautiful patterns of your tile and countertops. Picking plumbing fixtures that match in finish with the hardware will tie your bathroom together. A free standing tub can be the focal point of your private retreat.

A frameless shower glass will make your bathroom seem bigger. Mirrors can either be hung or permanently installed. A hung mirror can be easily replaced while a permanent can be cut to any size you desire.

The hardware adds the finishing touch to your bathroom and should match through out. From your towel bar to the cabinet knobs/handles our designer and network of vendors will help you navigate the sea of selections there is out there.

The Cost

Every bathroom project is unique so the cost of one will not always be comparable to another. TKS believes there is a perfect bathroom retreat out there for everyone no matter their budget. We want to inform you of the choices there is out there to be able to make decisions you are happy with at the end. This is why we have taken the time to formulate 3 different bathroom remodels at 3 different price points.

Bathroom 1
For this bathroom the homeowners are on a strict budget but would like to completely refresh the style of their outdated bathroom. We can help you make the most impact to your bathroom within your budget
$2,000 - $6,000

Bathroom 2
For this bathroom the homeowners have a modest budget and can achieve a high end bathroom look with matching hardware and plumbing finishes. The tile and countertops selections are plentiful.
$6,000 - $10,000

Bathroom 3
For this bathroom the homeowners want all the bells and whistles. Site built cabinets with a free standing tub and made to order to tile. Multi body sprays for a refreshing experience.
$10,000 - $20,000