Residential Design


Home building starts with a dream and the realization of this dream begins with the design. This design will encompass your vision and be complemented by our professional knowledge of residential design. Pursuing your dream will be one of the most meaningful decisions you will make and TKS understands the importance of such a decision. TKS will work diligently to make your dreams a reality by guiding you from the conceptual design to the completed permit ready set of drawings.

The Process

The Industry has over time developed standards for the many stages of the Design Process and the Construction Process. Any project big or small starts with a concept that gets refined over these stages. The time frame for each stage depends on the complexity of the project. These stages set the order of the design process, each with a set of expectations and purpose. Decisions are not made all at once and are a result of a thoughtful Process.

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design is the first step of the project and where we establish the criteria of the design.

Key Steps

  • Client Questionnaire
  • Site/Lot Analysis
  • Budget Analysis
  • Programming
  • Code Analysis
  • As built Analysis
  • Schedule development

Schematic Design

Schematic Design is where we begin exploring and narrowing down the concept.

Key Steps

  • Owner and Designer Meetings
  • Rough Sketches
  • Floor Plan studies
  • Preliminary Cost

Design Development

Design Development is the refining process of the chosen design taking into account the structural design.

Key Steps

  • Owner and Designer Meetings
  • Finish Schedules
  • Consultant Development
  • Completed Design
  • Updated Cost Estimate

Construction Drawings

Construction Drawings is the final stage of the design, all the technical drawings are complete and ready for permitting.

Key Steps

  • Owner and Designer Meetings
  • Complete Finish Schedule
  • Completed Engineers Drawings
  • Completed Architectural Set of Drawings
  • Refined Cost Estimate

The Cost

The cost varies from project to project depending on the complexity, square footage, and scope of work. For new construction the design fee can range from 9% to 12% of the total cost of the project, this percentage may go up depending on the package. For a remodel the design fee ranges from 10% to 13% of the total cost of the project depending on the package. Typically remodels required a As-Built set of drawings that the homeowner may or may not have. If the home owner does not have the As-Built the designer can provide one. An As-Built set of drawings requires a visit to the house and it is usually charge at an hourly rate of $50 to $70 depending on the complexity of the house.

Basic Package

The basic package is the required set of drawings to be able to permit a project through the city authorities. This a full constructions set with minimal finish details

  • Site plan
  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Roof Plan
  • Required Sections and Details
  • Door and Window Schedule

Basic Package Plus

  • Basic Package
  • Cabinet Elevations
  • Detail Finish Schedule

  • Basic Package Plus
  • Renderings
  • Technical Assembly drawings