Kitchen Remodeling


Your home will become the physical representation of your vision for your future and it is the manifest of the fruit of your labor. Whether your vision is to grow a family on a new home, build an addition to your existing home to accommodate your growing needs, or simply remodel your home to facilitate your daily way of life. Investing in your home is a decision that warrants the full confidence in the contractor you ultimately choose. TKS will help you fully utilize your investment in your future with our kitchen remodeling services.

The Process

What works for you in your current kitchen? what does not work? These are the questions TKS aims to find out on our first consultation. From here we can begin to conceptualize a kitchen that works for you and adds value to your life and home.

With a concept in mind we can place pen into paper and begin to design the layout and make selections. We might go through multiple design and selection changes, we want to make sure you get the kitchen of your dreams and nothing less.

We begin by scheduling around your daily life. We work for you and try to make the construction process as pleasant as possible for you. We develop a schedule and stick to it, leaving the job site clean everyday.

Our dedication does not stop at the completion of the work. We follow up and keep up with any warranty and maintenance that may arise after completion. We are only a call away.

The Components

There is a wide variety of cabinets out there, from pre-finished cabinets to custom built on site cabinets. The finishes and configurations are endless and the cost can vary greatly. TKS has established relationships with multiple vendors, fabricators and quality carpenters in town to give you the best options for whatever your budget is.

Hard Finishes
The tile and counter tops are an important component of your kitchen. You want to make sure your selection is not only beautiful but also that it will stand up to the wear and tear of daily use. TKS will guide in making sound informed decisions about the various tile and counter top materials.

The electrical and plumbing systems are not only about the beautiful shiny fixtures you get to enjoy but about all the prior work in running appropriate size pipes and dedicated electrical wiring for appliances. TKS can stand behind our work because we only used reputable vendors and professional tradesmen.

Whether you are planning to re-use your appliances or purchase new ones through our list of recommended vendors we will make sure all the appropriate connections are at the right place for a smooth installation.

The finishing touch for the kitchen is the hardware and there are many selections out there with various lead times. We help you stay on track of deadline for selections as we know the time it can take to be delivered. We involve you in every decision, from the cabinet pull placement to the orientation of the knobs.

The Cost

Every kitchen project is unique so the cost of one will not always be comparable to another. TKS believes there is a dream kitchen out there for everyone no matter their budget. We want to inform you of the choices there is out there to be able to make decisions you are happy with at the end. This is why we have taken the time to formulate 3 different kitchens at 3 different price points.

Kitchen 1
For this kitchen the homeowners are on a strict budget but would like to completely refresh the style of their outdated kitchen. This is what we would do to achieve this
$5,000 - $15,000

  • Cabinets - Pre fabricated cabinets are a great option and can be worked into the project with some planning.
  • Countertops - Pre fabricated tops will save on material cost and also labor cost. Quartz or granite are great options.
  • Tile - Using standard tiles that are easy to install will save on labor. Porcelain or ceramic for the floor and mosaic for the backsplash can be found at a budget.
  • Plumbing - Plumbing fixture can always be reused if they are in good shape or simple fixtures can be purchased.
  • Lighting - The existing lights can be reused.
  • Appliances - Appliances can be reused or affordable name brand appliances can be purchased.
  • Hardware - Hardware can always be found at multiple price points or the existing ones can be reused.


Kitchen 2
For this kitchen the homeowners have a modest budget and can achieve a high end kitchen look with matching hardware, appliance and plumbing finishes. The tile and countertops selections are plentiful.
$15,000 - $30,000




  • Cabinets - Semi custom cabinets built offsite can offer not only saving on time but on the budget as well .
  • Countertops - At this price point you can begin to select your own countertop slab, be it a quartz or modestly priced granite or quartzite.
  • Tile - Using smaller sizes tiles can bring more interest into your kitchen backsplash. As well as switching up materials to glass or natural stone
  • Plumbing - Selecting new plumbing fixtures to match the finishes in your kitchen will bring cohesiveness to whole picture.
  • Lighting - The right lighting fixture can brighten up the kitchen.
  • Appliances - These can be had at reasonable price from manufacturers like GE, LG or whirlpool.
  • Hardware - With a little searching stylistic hardware can be found online or from big box stores.


Kitchen 3
For this kitchen the homeowners want all the bells and whistles. Site built cabinets with accented lighting and large appliances can really set your kitchen apart.
$30,000 - $50,000





  • Cabinets - Site built cabinets give you the flexibility to design the kitchen exactly how you want it and more importantly how you use it.
  • Countertops - Materials such as marble, granite and quartzite offer beautiful patterns that will make your kitchen unique.
  • Tile - Handmade tile can add to your unique style and set apart your kitchen.
  • Plumbing - How about a large farm sink and additional features like a pot filler to make your kitchen work more enjoyable.
  • Lighting - Under cabinet lighting and in cabinet lighting will really showcase your backsplash or your nice dining set.
  • Appliances - Large refrigerators and ranges typically require specific electrical and plumbing placements. Wolf, Viking and Thermador appliances will be a large portion of the budget.
  • Hardware - Custom hardware for cabinets often have large lead times as they are made once an order has been placed. This hardware is worth the wait and you can often feel the difference more than you can see it.